Linear Calendar Set

Linear Calendar Set

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A linear calendar is an effective early childhood tool that provides a concrete, meaningful way to help children understand and visualize the passage of time without the weekly line breaks used with a traditional calendar format. This continuous, linear calendar aids children's ability to better understand the passage of time, which is often a difficult concept for young learners. Use this engaging, hands-on resource to introduce time and calendar concepts and vocabulary, keep children informed of upcoming classroom and school wide events, count down and anticipate upcoming holidays and special days, and highlight daily weather. The symbols and picture icons on the cards will help young learners link images with words and aid authentic conversations.

Great for PreK and Kindergarten students.

This 184-piece Core Decor Linear Calendar Set Bulletin Board includes:
• 4 calendar grid pieces (measures 86.875"w x 6" when assembled)
• 31 pre-numbered calendar days
• 12 month headlines
• 7 days-of-the-week labels
• 3 "Yesterday was", "Today is", and "Tomorrow will be" labels
• 5 subject labels (P.E., Music, Library, Tech, Art) correct and 6 blank labels
• assorted pieces for weather and seasons
• 48 labels for school events, holidays, and other school activities
• 42 coordinating holiday and special day cards, 24 school cards, 5 no school cards, 10 home cards, 5 early release cards

Teacher tip: Put this calendar low in your classroom so students can easily engage in moving the pieces and use/reference the content in their own meaningful way.

Bulletin board set also includes an instructional guide with bulletin board ideas and classroom activities.